Day in The Life as a PR Student

I’ve seen so many people blogging or vlogging about their ‘Days in The Life’ and admittedly wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I don’t know what makes these blog posts and vlogs so appealing – I think it’s the natural curiosity within us as humans, and tendency to compare our lives to others, that makes this type of content so intriguing.

My days vary depending on what I have going on, but they tend to all follow the same theme. Wake up, University/Work, chill out the evening, with some eating and possibly a workout wedged in between.

Without further ado, lets begin.

The coffee essentials. Yes, I opened the coffee bag like a feral animal.

7am-9am: On an average day I wake up between 7-9, depending on what I am doing that day. With late nights doing assignments, or staying up too late watching Hells Kitchen, it’s usually the latter. On some days it’s coffee time and time to do some work on assignments or work. I currently work part time doing social media for a hair salon, so this time consists of making sure all relevant posts for that day are edited and any copy is ready to go. On other days, I will get up and get dressed, put on makeup and do my hair for the day. I always feels more productive and ready for the day when I feel good about myself. But, this isn’t always a priority when the only person I’ll see that day is my boyfriend and the postman. Coffee is next on the agenda, a vital part of any day in my opinion.

An ‘organised mess’, as I like to call it.

10am: My lectures begin at 10am and as we are currently working from home, I can fit something in the time it would have usually taken me to commute to campus. This is either catching up on a looming deadline or some general house chores, (ah, the joys of being an adult). On a lecture day, I will set myself up with a coffee, the laptop and my notepad and pen ready to take notes. Lectures last anywhere from an hour to 4 hours, so the coffee is very needed. It’s always nice to speak with my course mates and share our university related stresses with each other. As we can’t be on campus, it’s sometimes a bit isolating when you feel like you’re the only one with 10 assignments to do (somewhat of an exaggeration), but we are all in the same boat so it’s very reassuring.

1pm-2pm: As lectures are usually over by this point, I will get on with the rest of my day. I normally have my days planned out a few days in advance, so my afternoon is either filled with running errands, such as nipping to Sainsbury’s or appointments of whatever kind. However, at this point in the semester I spend the afternoon getting on with whatever deadline is fast approaching. Before I start that though, some breakfast/lunch is in order and a bit of time to catch up with whatever is happening on social media and spending time my boyfriend on his lunch break, as he is also working from home. I’ll watch a Youtube video or two as well, just to break up the afternoon.

The only photo I have of myself shopping in a supermarket. Yes, this was a ‘grocery shop’. No, I don’t have a plant addiction.

3pm-5pm: University or internship work is underway during these hours of the day. My concentration does start to waver by this point but playing some music or putting the TV on for some background noise normally helps me concentrate. At the moment, I have quite a few essays to complete, as well as blog posts (you’re seeing one in action right now). I’ll also simultaneously flick between uploading content for work, my internship and doing University work. It’s probably a bad way to work but I like being as productive as possible and this is what works for me at the moment.

5pm-6pm: By this point, my boyfriend has either finished his day at work, or is just about to. I tend to finish my day whenever he does out of habit. It also allows me to stick to a solid routine. I like to exercise for an hour towards the end of my day just so I can get some movement in my day, and it’s also excellent for my mental health. I usually follow a Youtube workout. I love PopSugar and Heather Robertson for workout videos. Although, admittedly my workouts have taken a back seat at the minute just because of how much work I have to do!

6pm-8pm: Time to shower then cook! I love cooking but after a long day it’s the last thing I want to do. Some days it’s an oven food day, other days I really get my Gordon Ramsey thing going and cook up a storm, (can you tell how much Hells Kitchen I’ve been watching?). Our tea time go to’s are anything from vegan sausage veggie stew (shoutout to Gaz Oakley on Youtube for the recipe), or an oven pizza and chips from Sainsbury’s. It’s all about balance, right?

8pm: The evenings are filled with watching TV and Youtube with my partner. Our current TV go-to’s are, obviously, Hell’s Kitchen, The Office or some other American Sit Com we can find on Netflix, or watching the H3H3 podcast on Youtube. I live for Wednesday evenings when Frenemies from H3H3 is out, (if you don’t know what this is, you’re missing out).

11pm-1am: I definitely go to bed too late, but the evenings are my favourite time of the day. Around this time, it’s time to get ready for bed, do my skincare and I usually end up scrolling on Instagram and TikTok in bed for an hour or so. Then I fall asleep, and wake ready to do it all over again.

Obviously, every day is somewhat different. But routine is something that I love and helps my productivity. I’m going to miss my lazy nights in when lockdown properly ends but I can’t wait to see my family and friends outside of lockdown restrictions.

Life is very, very busy at the moment and the workload of University paired with employment and an internship is a lot, but it feels good to be productive. Having time to myself to do things I enjoy is so important, even if that’s something as simple as making a coffee or watching something on TV. It all accounts towards self care and that is something that should always be a priority. You can’t fill from an empty cup!

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